Freight Logistics Services USA understands the need for excellent project management in the Project World.

Anticipating and avoiding future issues is what separates the Professional Project Forwarder from others that may just offer that “service”. At Freight Logistics Services USA we understand the Project World and have been in the Project arena since the mid 70’s.

We understand that Project Movements begin far in advance of the cargo readiness. At Freight Logistics Services USA we are prepared to insure that any project is handed properly from point of origin to jobsite destination.

Initial Project Review with engineers
Initial Route Surveys to determine best method of transport
Receiving, inventory, packing for export
Shipping by best mode for you (air, sea, rail, truck or combination)
Receiving at destination
Delivery to job site
Tracking throughout the entire process
Single point of contact

With our Industry Knowledge and our Customer Service we can provide the Customer with the type of Satisfaction that is needed for any successful completion of a Project Movement.