Let Freight Logistics Services USA be your Single Point of Contact for the following:

• Clients
• Trucklines
• Barge Operators
• Vessel Owner
• Vessel Stevedors
• Export Packers
• Rail Operations
• Port Captains
• Insurance Representatives
• Air Carriers
• Port Representatives
• Crane/Rigging Companies

Freight Logistics Services USA is prepared and able to be the SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for all aspects of a movement for the clients.

This allows the client to focus on THEIR core business – knowing that they have placed their logistics needs in the hands of Freight Logistics Services USA – a company that thrives on CUSTOMER SERVICE and has personnel with 30+ years of INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE to give the client the SATISFACTION that they require.

Freight Logistics Services USA is not just a logistics provider but acts as an extension of the client’s logistics department.